Remember When...
MPHS 1988 Alumni

Remember When...
Mr. Capehart was not driving his yellow bus? No one does!
Mr. Capehart asked Brian L. if he had a permit for his 10 speed?
Mr. Capehart wasn't bothering the kids at M.P.H.S.? I don't.
Melissa didn't wreck a car?
Carole lost Melissa's truck?
Kevin D. could mud? I don't.
Chad Elledge ran into the stop sign?
Darel Boyd bought his old Dodge truck?
Cindy Hess ran from the unmarked car?
Mark Davis got a ticket? His mom does.
Steve Swafford had to drive the Nova? I do.
Sandy "hot ran over by a car"? Brandi does.
Kieth Vierra tried to race his car and lost? I do.
Stacy Parrish rode to town in the back of a boat?
S.H. skipped school and had a wreck? She does!
Chris Means got the name "Reverse"? S.H., T.C., and Chris do!
Ant Beard drove his riding lawn mower to the hotlink stand?
B.R. got hit and ran in Safeway parking lot? I do.
John M. ran over Neal P. in the parking lot?
Chris Means's car was ever painted? I don't.
Eric Wright could start his truck without it grinding? I don't.
A.M., C.C., and J.W. tried to hot wire the bus?
Lawerence, Bill, Reggie had a flat tire and quickly got another?
police high school senior traffic tickets
The big, red dually ran over Sharon so she jumped in the big, white truck and ran over Francine? Francine does.
Jill told Becca to turn left where the donkey was to get to her house, but the donkey wasn't there for 2 hours?
Cassie took the rap for pouring water on a lady at TWU when Jennifer, Mandy, and Stacy did it? I do.
Brenda, Angel, Allison, and Karen discovered a dead end street while everyone at SFA was watching?
Stacy Parrish said she knew how to drive and drove home from Naples in the 7th grade? Cynthia Hobbs does.
Jeannie and Christine got stopped by the cops for running a yellow light, speeding, and being very loud? We do. Melissa does.
Carole Anthony, Jennifer Redfearn, Karen Morris, and Angie D. pretended to throw Ralston's car keys in the lake and then accidentally did? Easy does.
Mr. Thomas got stuck in the seat belts of Billy Wright's truck?
Shannon S. pushed Renae H.'s car from Civic Center to a Mobil?
Rebecca had to pick Heather up for school in a U-haul moving van?
A.W., T.W., S.A., and K.R. thought the fire was going to blow up the car?
Leigh's car died at the red light by the D.Q.? Leslie, Leigh, and Kristy do.
Kyle Hutchings wrecked into David Linsiesin's truck at a party out at Scott's?
Heather, Becca, and Mrs. K. drove down one-way streets in Dallas the wrong way?
Michele Fields broke Robby Underwood's truck windshield with her feet?
Shannon S. pushed Renae H.'s car from the Civic Center to a Mobil?
Cynthia Hobbs drove down a one-way in downtown Dallas? Stacy Parrish does.
The car died on Holly H's birthday in the Dairy Queen parking lot? I do.
Daryl Boyd tried to run over a cat in the Civic Center parking lot?
Stacy Taylor broke Steve Martin's window at Hardee's? She certainly does!
Lenora, Christy, Malarie, and Tracy went riding around, all in the front seat? Christy does.
Allison, Toni, Cynthia, and Rebecca went down fourth street and Toni spilled her guts? Allison does!
Allison, Brenda, Karen, and Angel managed to find every dead-end street in Tyler?
Ralston and Tawunna and Markisha had to drive Serbrena to White Oak? we do.
Lori Campbell, Christy MacKay, and Stacy Parrish saw an opossom, or was it an armadillo or maybe it was a mole, cross the road?
Stacy and Cynthia rode Darin's motorcycle and Stacy jumped off and ran because she thought it was going to blow up?
Cindy and Karen decided to take Cindy's Mom's car out int he 7th grade and ran off a culvert?! They do, but their parents don't! Remember When...
Scott Thompson auditioned for the Chip-N-Dale dancers? Everyone at John's house does.
The pigtail party?
We partied at Kevin's?
Pigout day, Stacy and Jill?
Chad Griffin was as bad as he thinks he is? I don't.
Chet and Jim didn't know Mr. Stotts was in the room.
Joe Newman got me thrown out of the Dip Net? Bill Zachry does.
The class of '86 had their graduation party? J.B. and S.H. do.
Chris Means played the slot machines in the girls bathroom?
Chad E., Tom S., Shannon H., & Jay M. visited the police station?
Reginald Lewis was pretty? I don't!
Mandy and Gina got a moonburn? And don't forget those welps...
Rance Hockaday said that he wasn't fine? I don't.
Rance H. did not walk like George Jefferson? I don't.
Francine was supposed to spend the night with Lori, Sharon was supposed to spend the night with Tricia, and Carrie was supposed to spend the night with Sharon and they all ended up at Hardee's with no place to crash?
Allison Woods, Stacy Parrish, Jill Wade, and Karen Morris weren't fine? The senior boys don't.
At Stacy Taylor's party when Mandy got water poured on her, hit her head on the shark fin, and said, "SDFM"?
L.W., K.J., and L.M. met the basketball boys and K.J., and L.M. had to rescue L.W. from G.C.? He does!
Dr. Stagg asked Cynthia why she had a face drawn on her belly button during her physical? She does!
F.B. and S.S. climbed and fell over a brick wall just to "fill" Santa's empty hand at the Ball Clinic?
Jeff Grissom and Joe Newman had a conversation with the church parking lot? His name was Ralph.
Brian (Ken) Lindley told his whole story about Malibu to Mandy and Jill?
Mandy and Stacy woke up with the strange man in their room? They do!
Jill and Cynthia were swimming and the binocular men kept watching?
Cynthia and Libby got left out in the Orange Blossom parking lot? They do!
Leslie Merryman flashed the guys at the car wash at 2am? Mark Richie does!
Melissa Hensley, Taffy Jones, and Penny Brents got MIP's? We sure do!
Heather Bundick lost her underwear in the library and Mr. Wade supposedly found them?
We used to hold beauty pageants in Karen Morris's room with our night gowns, evening dresses, and bathing suits? We do.
Not one person at Alisa's party could answer the faithful question "What's in the fish bowl?"
Lisa Chapa, Connie Gutierrez, and Lisa Ratcliff couple skated at the skating rink?
5'4" went with Chesley Bolton?
Susan R., Melissa G., Sivi H., and Risa M. went to Commerce? Sivi and Risa don't.
James N., David L., Johnny R., and Mickey B. did not have a good time? We don't.
James N., David L., Johnny R., and Mickey B. got kicked out of Monaco's?
K.F. and S.H. slipped out in the middle of the night to go to a party? We do.
The Halloween party at Carlene's our junior year? Angie, Carlene, Christy, and Scott should.
We went to Denton to NTSU to go to classes but ended up in the Flying Tomato?
The Biology class asked Mr. Barrett if it was bone or muscle? Stacy Parrish does!
Stacy and Gina found a hair in the bathtub and something on the bed at A&M?
Cynthia H., Stacy P., Stacy T., and Linda Y. played cards with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader cards in the 5th grade?
Mr. Wade walked into the living room and found all the "pieces" on the TV?
Tammy Whitaker kept wondering if her bathing suit was decent? The guy next to her does.
Pam Amick, Stacy Parrish and friends took a camera to the city lake? The couples parking do.
Cynthia and Stacy jumped off the roof and rolled around on the ground because they thought they had broken their legs?
Linda, Cynthia, and Stacy pulled each other's dresses up during church? First Baptist does!
Stacy Parrish and Jennifer Redfearn got lost coming home from the lake, and then knocked at every door at Shadywood Apt.s because they couldn't remember where K.A. lived? Remember When...
Lance Hobbs stayed on a bull? I don't!
Anthony Beard's feet were small? I don't.
Leigh Maloney skied off a cliff in Red River?
Chet Zachary made a shot in soccer? I don't.
Mount Pleasant won the 1984 district track meet?
Scott Thompson and Jim Richey weren't hurt? I don't.
Lenora Elliott's undergarments came a loose in a district volleyball game? The volleyball team does!
Lawrence C. Fields used to say "I can play some ball."
David Linseisen shot a hole in Darrlee T.'s apartment wall?
Linda Young and Nichole Castle rode the ski lift? They do.
Calbert Cannon went blank and forgot how to run a striaght line?
Linda Young went down the black slope "Face" without falling? (Yeah. On a stretcher.)
Eric Wright shot under 90 without cheating? I don't.
M.R. couldn't get down the bunny slope at Red River, New Mexico?
Jimmy Cameron said "Huble, huble, huble" in football practice?
Rocky Jones got burned in the play-off game against Henderson?
Melissa couldn't drive home from the shooting range because of minor injuries to the head, so Susan R. took over?
Mr. Thomas's umbrella broke during a baseball game? We do.
Mick Shultz made a field goal? I don't.
Stacy Parrish and Jennifer Redfearn had some fun in the rain after the Powder Puff game? track star high school athlete mphs
In the eighth grade, Barry Minter had a pink football uniform, and we called him "Barry the Fairy"?
Anthony Beard fell into the pole vault pit in Paris trying to catch Barry Minter's pole?
Michael Whitney made the whole eighth grade basketball team laugh? They do.
Bobby Dethrow made a double-loop twisting gainer right to the floor? Bobby does!
Christy MacKay "got sick" before her tennis match with Sulphur Springs?
Jeff Grissom took the fast way down the steps at the baseball stadium?
Marcus McCoo could run a quarter wide open without pulling a hamstring? Remember When...
School was fun? I don't.
Billy Wayne stayed awake at school?
Krisan Norris and Coach Love agreed? I don't.
Everyone in trig class understood the assignment?
Third period Trig class stayed awake or understood the assignment?
Mrs. Laeding enjoyed fifth period? We don't!
Rance got dizzy at the meat packing plant?
Shandra and Becca made it through Biology I? (Whew)
Mr. Thomas wasn't yelling at his classes? I don't.
Janna B., Taffy J., and Tina R. weren't up to par? Mr. Barber does.
Lady MacRance entertained Mrs. Hudson's fifth period class?
We learned about the rock and the worm?
Milk break, "taking names," Mr. Tom, and sentence dictation?
Clint was in class? I don't.
Mr. Thomas played WWII in fifth period?
Shandra Nelms developed color film in black and white chemicals?
Tim Nixon threw-up during class in the 3rd grade?
Rance's teacher threatened to tie his hands to his waist? I do.
Rance portrayed a woman so well that it scared Mrs. Hudson? Her 5th period class does.
Scott Thompson pulled the fire alarm in art class? The fire department does.
Clint Stevenson, Scott Thompson, Jim Richey, and Bill Zachry didn't have a copy of the test before they got to class? I don't.
Karen Randle was too stupid to be in HIGH English?
Lawn lost control of his bodily functions on Manty T.'s desk?
Angelia T., Tabbatha C., and Angel C. went on their own "hike" on the Biology II camping trip? They still do!
Octavia, a freshman, told Cynthia, a big bad senior, to "Get out of her seat!"?
Shandra Nelms carried the "Mr. Koolaid" canteen on the Biology II hiking trip?
Erica and Michele knew what to do in Computer Math? E.Mc. and M.R. don't.
Mandy Tolbert - - Do you remember when Harold practiced "karate" on Mrs. Leonberger in eighth grade study hall?
Mr. Cook almost sent the guys in the D.E. class to the office because of "snickers"? I do.
Ralston and Danielle and Andrea came to first period hungry and attacked Tawunna for her raisins?
Bobby, Robby, and Johnny were caught in the halls with the chickens?
Second period English IV did the wave? Mrs. Hudson doesn't, but the substitute does.
Chet Craig and Shannon Ellis stole a brisket out of Ag.'s barbecue pit?
Heather, Mandy, and Becca had their own indoor pool on the Biology II hiking trip?
Cynthia and Stacy caught their fish; Charlie and Stacy cried when they cooked him?
Scott Thompson told Mrs. Thomas's history class that Jeff Grissom had a "cerebral Hemorrhoid"?
Scott Thompson said, "Was he the one with that cerebral hemorrhoid?" and "Platyhelmenthese."?
Mr. Thomas whole civics class crawled out the window to escape from a "Sub"? (Had to be there)
Shawnya Jones stuck jumbo crayons up Leslie Walker's nose in Kindergarten and Leslie had to go to the emergency room? Remember When...
Melanie came to school for a whole week? I don't.
Penny came to school on Mondays, and Fridays? I don't.
Tracy came to school for a whole week? We don't!
Mickey and Johnny were absent on a different day? I don't.
Melanie W. and Jeannie C. went to computer math? Neither does anyone else.
John hung out at E-Z Mart?
The horsemen climbed the tower?
D.L., J.R., M.H., and M.B. climbed the tower?
Christy came to school? Tracy doesn't.
M.P.H.S. was a drag? B.K. and G.M. do!
Leigh, Leslie, and Kristy waited at the Brice Gym parking lot?
L.M. and R.T. skipped class to read horoscopes in the library?
K.C., M.B., J.R., and M.H. all got caught painting the bridge?
The cows and who knows who else visited A.W. and K.R.?
Stacy and Cynthia got in a fight at church and Cynthia hid for two hours while everyone searched for her.
Amy said, "Come on Melissa you won't get caught?" Melissa does.
Lawerence Fields and Kenneth Haley had a fight and Lawerence siad "I'll kill you."
Some unknown person dumped 40 pounds of soap in the college fountain?
Joe Newman skipped town for a week after his flight with Robbie Aguam? Remember When...
Renea Taylor had three guys? I do.
Kyle H. got caught at the lake? I do!
Dane brown had one girlfriend? I don't.
Tabbatha didn't like Todd Morrow? I don't.
Wayne turned Penny down for Angie? We do.
Danielle Norman was jealous of other girls? I do.
Tammy Whitaker did not have "a secret lover"? I don't.
Francine Burke stopped flirting with Dale Brown? I don't.
Vincent Carreathers used to always say "Yeh she will." I do!
Everyone got kissed at the fifth grade picnic? Heather doesn't.
S.P. got cussed out by T.R. and was going to leave him? Love ya.

Scott Thompson said that he would die with his ring on? We do.
Scott Thompson swore his senior ring would never leave his finger? Ask Deidi about it.
Christy MacKay went to Cindy's party with somebody's ex-boyfriend? I do and won't forget!
Michele, Linda, Angel, Martha, and the others went out on "parking" patrol? They do.
Allison and Karen waited for their dates in Hamburglar at McDonald's playground.
Rosie Cuellar hit Jaime Luna (Elvis) in the jaw then threw his tray in is face?
Libby Wimpee used to talk to Danny Hill?
B.R. and D.H. were the best of friends? I don't.
Tracy Thomas hated Anthyony Thomas? We do!
S.H. and J.B. were on top of the car at Tankersley Lake?
Nancy said that she didn't like Bo Gallon and now she loves him?
T.W. and M.T. followed E.W. and T.F. to the lake? We do.
Tabbatha C. and Micheal W. left for lunch? Everyone does!
Ronnie Hines and Cassie Smith got caught kissing at work?
Alisa Dismuke and Eric Wright's phones were tied up for hours? Bill does.
Chris Sells and Jennifer Redfearn had matching necks? Karen and Alisa do.
Stacy and Andrea thought nobody saw them ooing an dawing at a certain someone at two-a-days? That certain someone does.
Angie wasn't chasing Johnny R., Gina wasn't chasing Mickey B., and bethany wasn't chasing Scott H.? We don't. Remember When...
Mt. Vernon on Halloween night?
M.R. almost turned into a werewolf? L.Y. and M.R. do.
Michael, Eric, and Rance thought Erica was a real vampire?
Eric W. and Rance H. were absolutely-positively-sure that M.P.H.S. was "crawling with vampires?" We vampires do! (Suckers)
The "Brice Gang" Planned their own space movie and ran from vampires with red pens.
Tiffany, Mike, and Kazu went to "talk to God"?
The drunk on Burbon Street that danced? Mandy does.
Chris M., Heath R., Chad Mc., Wendy H., and Heather B. saw the Easter Bunny going 80 miles an hour?
The journalism crew took the toga party to Bennigan's?
The Tiger Talk staff took Cynthia to Cheddar's in her toga attire, and everyone had to come by and see her?
Libby thought she saw a dead body in the middle of the road and nearly wrecked the car? Cindy and Libby do!
B.Z. and A.D. thought they were being followed and ended up in the ditch? C.A. and K.M. do!
Allison and Cynthia saw the "Banana Woman" in the gulley? They do. Remember When...
Dale and Dane Brown were violet? My eye still hurts.
Susan's hair was martian green? She's trying to forget.
Stefanie Robert's hair turned fire engine red? Cosm. II does!
Mr. Principal had hair? I don't!
Mrs. Cave cut Chris H.'s hair? I do.
Susan Reynolds had the same color on her hair for more than a week? I don't.
David B. broke Richard D.'s nose?
Vernell was yellow? I do!
Sebrina Craddock thought she grew an inch? I don't!
Chad's pen burst and he had ink all over his face? Chad does.
Shannon Sanders told us she was getting her braces off?
A.W. secretly pulled her tooth at Karen's house?
J.M., C.C., M.W., and T.M. all went to the park and got camouflauge and found a mysterious intruder?
The first time Shandra ever wore cowboy boots? I do.

Rance's clothes could be seen through the food spilled on them? I don't.
Chris and Jeannie acted gay in Eckerd's to get rid of an old goat? We do.
Michael Chapman left his boots on? I do.
Tammy fought Lee Lee in a dress?
Mechelle Mosley bit Tonya Bryson in the face? Tonya does, because the mark is till there!
Allison didn't get the best Barbie doll? Cynthia doesn't!
The sunrise group thought they were bad? They don't.
Tina Redmon went to the park and pulled hair? I do.
Monica Fuller fell in a 3 ft. poly-fil box at McCrory's and couldn't get out? Remember When...
Jennifer Scully's nickname was Mayo Mama?
Me and LeAnn had an M& M attack everyday?
A.C. bought her own lunch? Late lunch doesn't.
Leigh M. was "out-burped" by a guy in New Mexico?
The officers were "bananacizing" at Bennigan's in Florida and we ended up with whip cream, nuts, and a cherry on top?
Shandra, Mindy, and Allison used fingernail files because they couldn't find toothpicks?
Charles Hammons ate down a whole 25 pound bag of oats?
Kee Kee T. and Cassie S. almost burned down KFC? They do.
All of Sharon Schakels "belongings" ran under the door at the E-Z Matt in Pittsburg and she couldn't find the chicken?
Kelly licked Amy's sandwich? Mandy and Jennifer do.
Michele taught Martha and Angel what a "peecan is?
Michelle Holman wanted to have a national Bar-B-Q for the lower Slobovians? Mr. Hasandras does.
Alisa Dismuke, Cindy Hess, Carole Anthony, and Karen Morris forgot to leave a tip at the restaurant in the Galleria mall?
Everyone in the mall does!

J.M., T.W., and B.E. went to the store and it was closed?
Ricky didn't go to parties just to eat? I don't and he doesn't either.
Libby and Cindy were searching around with a flashlight for a certain piece of gum with a special value?
Libby W. crawled out the window just to get a "Coke" while Krisan and Juleigh dehydrated?
The Karkoska's house turned green from Stacy Taylor's birthday cake?
Reggie and bill tried to buy a pair of AC/DC tickets with food stamps?
Kee Kee Taylor fell over the "Dining Room Closed" sign at Kentucky Fried Chicken and landed flat on his belly with his leg still caught in the sign?
The snack bar workers didn't look in Angie, Sonya, Andrea, and Danielle's mouth to hear what we were saying? We surely don't! Cut it out, girls!
Jill W. threw away her retainers in the lunchroom and Bill Z. saved her life by jumping in the Tidi container, going through the trash, and somehow found them. Remember When...
Sharon Schakel was Shirley Frederick for one day? I do.
Toni Ward jumped into the ocean to rescue a sand dollar and got wet for nothing; Shandra does.
A.W., L.A., M.L., and R.H. were over at C. Cunningham's house and someone ran in the bathroom and said I have cancer? They do!
Becca became Allison's "bodyguard"?
Cynthia took her first bus ride - - alone?
Lisa Rhymes said, "I told y'all?" I do!
Ken B., Tim N., and Brad D. supposedly found a ring in Longview?
Wendy H. called Stacy P.'s house and Stacy said she was at Pam A.'s house, so pick her up at 7:00, but it was really 7:30.
Anthony Beard was mowing Harold Logan's back yard?
Michele B., Shannon Daily, and Vickie Amos went to Houston?
Renea Hester, Shannon Sanders, and Michele Barrow didn't go to Fred Street? I don't.
Melanie Wilbanks was a preppy?
Lance H. laughed about something funny? I don't.
The weekend before our Junior year? Angie, Christy, and Risado?
No one forgot about Stacy Taylor's slumber parties?
Mandy Tolbert had to hold the bathroom for 13 hours and 57 minutes because no one in London had a bathroom to be used? Stacy T. certainly does!
Brian Bauman threw up on the side of the road after trying to save a chicken from getting run over?
Mt. Pleasant was iced over and destroyed? Ivan, Biff, Buff, and Droc will never forget!
Heather Bundick didn't laugh like a seal? I don't. Remember When...Remember When...
Vincent Carreathers walked slap home from Mt. Vernon? I do.
David L. got his nickname?
Jimmy Cameron had less than 20 nicknames? I don't.
Joe pulled out Russell's chair for him?
Stacy Parrish and Allison Woods walked to town from Cynthia's house and Stacy had to stop along the way?
Michele Randall didn't have a song for every word said? I don't.
Dane Brown and Jeff Grissom went deer hunting in Southgate?
Martha W., Linda Y., Lisa M., and Michele R. played in the park at 2 a.m. in the dead of winter?
Pam Amick tried to imitate Rocky Balboa and all Stacy Parrish could do was laugh?
Chad Elledge got cold water shock while giving blood?
Andrea and Jill were sitting funny? Someone does.
Everyone called Cynthia "Little Lost Sheep"?
Chet Craig found a fat cat in the Gold Nugget?
Heather and Rebecca took a crash course in canoeing, literally?
Dara, Juleigh, and Libby all went to a strange lakehouse and don't remember it? We do!
Juleigh and LIbby got lost in Rocky Mound and had to door knock to figure out how to get home? We do.
Gloria M. was chasing Tonya B. and fell in the hall? She does.
Mark, Chet, and I got some free fruit from agriculture? I don't. Remember When...
Mandy wrote Brenda a "welcome" note when she moved here? Thanks Mandy!
Carole, Melissa, Amy, and Chris did a fireworks show on the wrong side of town?
Woody came uptown and decided it was time for Karen, Jennifer, Alisa, Carole, and Stacy to come home? We do!
Susie L. fell down the stairs? I do.
The night it rained, Jennifer? Karen thinks it's time for another rainy night.
Joe Newman busted out the light at the Dairy Queen? Alisa does.
Susan Reynolds had a "rang" around her "Fanger"? Christy does!
"Bigmouth" was right behind Tracy?
Bigger stayed in the blood bank for two hours? Remember When...Remember When...
Mama Bass rolled her bass drum while she was carrying it?
The Bass Drums could not clap and mark time at once?
Amy Hammonds tried to dance on her face during the Homecoming half-time performance!
Mama Bass, Ducker, Kristy J., and Angelia T. slept late at a slumber party?
Chad Elledge met the "lead pipe"?
Jimmy Cameron had ony one last name!
Mr. Chins started appearing at Michelle's grandmother's house?
Smiley and gulpy watched barking diesel eggs go by?
Allison suffocated Karen under her mattress?
Feather (Heather) had a worm in her foot, and Mrs. Wade insisted that Jill stay away from her? Jill does.
Taffy, Karen, Leslie, and Penny slept in Masonic Park?
Taffy was singing the Brady Bunch song at 5:00 in the morning!
Tonya and Krisan surfed across the Dairy Queen parking lot on their knees?
Christy Hampton had to be wheel-chaired out of Wal-Mart?
M.W. and T.W. went riding around with M.P. and K.K.?
Karen Randle fell going up the stairs? Allison does!
Carole Anthony, Alisa Dismuke, and Donna Roth all had something in common?
D.N., T.C., T.T., T.R., C.B., and S took a college day and afterward went to the pizza hut and Wal-Mart?