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MPHS Tigers Class of 1988 Mount Pleasant Texas
mt. pleasant tigers seniors 1988
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Reunion questions or comments can be emailed to Stacy Parrish Fitts at dsfitts1023@sbcglobal.net


20-year reunion
July 19, 2008
Tankersley Gardens
Was a great success!

View the Photos!


If you have any photos you
would like added to the site,
please email them to:

to the following classmates for assisting in planning a great reunion (so far):

Pam Amick Harvey
Anthony Beard
Markisha Bryson Stewart
Angie Campbell Hobbs
Tabbatha Capehart Higginbotham
Chad Elledge
Amy Hammonds
Cindy Hess
Christy MacKay Hart
Krisan Norris Sears
Stacy Parrish Fitts
Jennifer Redfearn Howell
Sonya Roberts Woods
Angie Rovell Landrum
Ann Simpson
Jennifer Smith Brite
Angelia Taylor
Scott Thompson

Senior Prophecies

Twenty Years From Now...

Michele Randall will still be looking for Toto.
Johnny Carson will still be on.
Mindy Guthrie will be starring in the video "Tricky".
Jill Wade will still be throwing away her refillable pencils
The guys will still come to my house and get the cops called on us.
Kazuyoshi-sid will be dead body.
K.F. and C.H. will still be fighting over her friends.
Sr. 88 will still party hard and will still rule.
This school will be like Alcatraz.
Bud Barnes will still think he is in Vietnam.
Robert Tucker will still be "Mr. Perfect."
I will be sitting on the beach in California soaking up the sun thinking of my ol' buddies in Mt. Pleasant and the memories we had.
Vincent Carreathers will still call himself Dr. Endzone!
Dr. Endzone will cruise through Oaklawn Park high cieting on the babses. Yeh he will!
Vincent Carreathers will be the king of Pilgrim Industries instead of the king of rock.
Ralston Luster will still be doing the "Cabbage Patch."
Mrs. Parrish's 5th period English class will still wonder if "it" can be broken.
Rance's favorite excuse will still be "next week."
Dawn Stephenson will flush Rick Zachry's engagement ring down the toilet.
Cynthia will still be visiting Brian in the army.
Dawn S. will star in Rocky XV as his final opponent, and win.
They'll be using Barry Minter's head in the Evil Kinevil show.
Clint Stephenson will be a professional cat burglar.
Stephen McNeil will still be fishing out of his little boat.
Stephen McNeil will be married and will have 50 kids.

Twenty Years From Now...
Tricie and Chris will still argue with each other.
Scott Thompson's three point airball will finally be coming down.
Michele Barrow will still be fighting.
Kyle C. will still b edriving his Trans Am.
Todd Mc. will still be trying to graduate.
The Lunch Bunch will be wondering how the "soap opera" turned out.
The 84-85 Freshman Basketball team will still be the best one ever at MPHS.
Bruce and I will be fishing.
Jason Adams will be a highly successful businessman and a famous bull rider.
Juan Fuentes will still owe Adam Decker sixteen dollars.
Shannon Sanders will still be an absent-minded child.
Chad Elledge will still be working and McDonalds, but will be manager.
Shannon Hughes will still be looking fo rthe right job.
Anthony Beard will have a degree in Lawnology.
Dr. Endzone will come back to MP in his BMW.
Carlene and Risa will still be missing the bus because the car won't start.
C.L.M. will still be saying, "I could have ben..."
Bobby Dethrow will still owe me ten dollars.
Kandi Kraner will still have the longest track record in the history of MPHS.
The gang, Karen, Jennifer, Alisa, and Cindy will still be in the middle of everything.
Michele "Domino" fields will own her own pizza service and they will deliver.
Chris Means will live in Las Vegas and play the new brand of slot machine.

Twenty Years From Now...
Amy Hammonds, Melissa Goolsby, and Jennifer Redfearn will be still having bites.
Shannon Richardson will still have more money than anyone in the world, but still taking from others.
Cindy will still think she knows where her poison is and Ricky Poole will be trying to chase it down.
Karen, Brenda, Allison, and Angel still won't know where they were when they saw whatever they saw in Nacogdoches, no Tyler.
Karen, Brenda, Allison, and Angel will still be looking for the "main drag" in Tyler.
A.M. and L.M. will be living at 907 with 10 cats and still griping.
K.J., L.W., L.M. will still be riding around in the ghetto cruiser.
Cindy Hess will still be having parties where her "friends" come over and "borrow" her perfume!
Leigh Maloney will be a wheel salesman.
Me and mine will be happily married with all the kids I can spare.
Lisa will still be trying to talk to the kid and getting thrown out of cars.
Melissa and Kenny will still be breaking up and telling people they're not getting back together.
Troyce Brownlee will still be living off of his grandparents.
Shun Norman will still be the biggest fool about Terrick J. and think he is not messing with Lee, Eather, Rosylin, Rhonda, Donna, etc.
Chris Hines will still be in school.
Pam A. will still be driving a blue bomb.
Tonia and Penny will still be in trouble. (Capehart will still be patroling)
Susan will still be serious.
Penny and Wayne will have a white picket fence!
Susan will be divorced.
Robert Taylor will still have dragon breath.
Rance Hockaday and Barry Minter will still be going over to Harold Logan's house getting hot apple pies!

Twenty Years From Now...
Anthony Beard will come to our class reunion on a riding mower eating hotlinks.
James Norris will be trying to sell his car.
Ann and Tracy will be happily married.
Melissa Goolsby will still be owning a car for a short time before it is wrecked.
Phil M. will still be saying he is going to get a motor for his Olds.
Mr. Wommack will still be giving "bird's eye views".
It will be 2008.
We'll be 38, wow!
Keith Vierra will still be talking about goin' back to California.
Susan Reynolds will still be saying, "This is my song".
Stefanie Roberts and Karen Foster will still be chunking chicken at Church's.
Jill Wade and Mandy Tolbert will still be Fine Women.
Tom Skidmore will be 37 years old and will be a retired billionaire doctor or a bum begging for quarters on the sidewalk.
Ken B. will still not be allowed to go to Wal-Mart.
Christy McKay and Lori Campbell will win Wimbledon.
Wayne Bullington will still be talking about how good of a football player he was in high school.
Wommack will still think his car is bad.
Tammy Terry will still be looking for a goat.
Continental Airlines will still be canceling flights.
Keith vierra will still be a morphadite.
Doug Little will still be going to NTCC.
Wayne Bullington will still think he doesn't have a big nose.

Twenty Years From Now...
Cassandra Smith will still not have had a boyfriend.
Angeleque Dillard and Sonya Roberts will be living "the good life" in New York making megabucks as head buyer for Neiman's and a publisher for Ebony magazine.
Elaine Thomas will still be afraid to have a party in V.O.E.
Eric Wright will still be breaking desks.
Gene Ford will still be flirting with the girls.
M.H., S.P., L.C., and C.M. will still be "swingin."
Cynthia Hobbs will still be the "Blonde on Board."
Brenda Byrd will still be trying to go down one-way streets at S.F.A.
Karen Randle will still be the "Flipper."
Toni Ward will still be riding around town without her headlights on!
Allison Woods and Cynthia Hobbs will still be spilling "orange water" on Granny's curtains. Poor Granny!
Cynthia will still hold a grudge on Pam for telling on her because she put glue under the table.
Stacy Parrish and Thomas Rester will be married and have a little girl.
Col. George O'Neal will think the only battlefield in the world is the golf course.
Michael Horn will still be playing with electricity.
Leslie Merryman will still be lookin gforward to Monday and Wednesdays.
Roy jennings will still be called "Flip."
Francine burke will still "walk that way."
Holly and Janna will still be running out of gas on Friday night at red lights.
Pam A. will still pay $2 for a piece of gum.
Tammy and Mandy will still get lost in Clarksville with no gas.
Mandy T. will be married and have kids with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Eric Wright's kids will be calling him "Bone."
Mandy Tolbert will still be trying to "find herself."

Twenty Years From Now...
Keith and Jim will still be saying they're going back to Cali.
David B. and Shandra N. will still be fighting.
Shannon H. will still be working on his mustang.
Norma Castillo will still be saying "I'm not a Mexican," and "this is my natural hair color."
Victor Garcia will still be missing good opportunities to score a goal.
Gina M. will still be waiting for PHilip G. to get out of school.
K. Holman and R. Nore will still be shooting dogs and stop signs!
Mike H. and Richard D. will still be shooting dogs in town.
Chad Elledge will still be trying to drive.
David L., Johnny R., Mickey B., and James N. will still be best friends.
Johnny R. will still be beating up trash cans with his face.
Roy Jennings will still be working on his research paper.
Dawn and Rick will still be breaking up and getting back together.
Chet and Chris will still be wearing their towels.
Todd Robertson wills till be wearing a Tiger Doll jacket.
Gene Ford will still be beating the women off with sticks.
Vonita R. will still be crying and running home to tell momma.
Nancy M. and BoBo G. will still be together.
Jerry Brown will do what he says he'll never do.
Sharlotte M. will still be in luv with Jerry B.
Joe newman will still be squatting down under houses.
Mandy Tolbert will still be trying to "spread her toes."
Mandy Tolbert's passport picture will be on the cover of "Vogue".
Jennifer Vaginault will still have a crush on Travis van Hooser who is taken.

Twenty Years From Now...
Tonya and Sivi will still be jumping on peoples' cars!
Mr. Capehart will still be patroling M.P.H.S.
Susan R. will be divorced with two kids.
Phil Moon will still be out of a job and freeloading off his friends.
David Linseisen will be married to Amy Harvey.
Phil Moon will still be saying "I'm going to get my car fixed next week."
Tammy Whitaker will still be wondering which guy to go out with.
Alicia and Brett will be married and still calling each other "--------"
Brett will still be calling Alicia a "Weinnie."
Melanie will still have the nickname "Spot."
Mike Allen will still have long hair and skipping classes.
Joey Goates and Jennifer Scully will still be breaking up and getting back together.
Mark Davis will be manager of Piggly Wiggly.
Mike Horn will be in prison for animal cruelty.
Shannon Hughes will still be fixing his Mustang.
Bobby and Johnny will be in Vegas with the same deck of cards.
Bobby D. will still be chasing Renee Wilkinson.
I will have a husband and two children.
T.W., M.B., S.B. will still be acting like immature kids.
I will be rich and have 3 or 4 kids and living real well.
Leslie Merryman will still be giving old men the eye and nearly wreck while doing it.
Karen Ridens will still be hot rodding Taffy Jones' car and telling her "I was careful. I promise."
Donna will still be saying, what, what, what did you say.
Tony Miller will be playing for the N.B.A.
Markisha bryson will be married to Dennis.
John E. will still be in trouble with the school.

Twenty Years From Now
J.R. and M.B. will still be looking good and one of them will still know it.
Mike Horn will still be putting dead cats in mailboxes.
Sherrie Harris will still be working at Catfish King.
Lori Campbell will still be saying "Shawn said..."
Bill and Christy will be happily married and have no kids!
Leslie W. will still be mistaking Lysol for hairspray.
K.G. will still owe T.T. "4."
K.H. will still be in the army.
Dane Brown will still be posing as a preacher on spring break campouts.
Melissa will still be begging Carole to go to the O.B. and she won't.
Linda Young will be married to Greg and have 10 kids.
Michele still will not understand Computer Math.
Toxic Waste will be the most popular band in the world.
Teresa Smith will still be whining about Roy and James bothering her.
David Linseisen will be retired from the Marines, have no hair and 6 kids.
Mrs. Hudson will still be correcting my English and spelling.
Mick Schultz will still be "wide to the feet."
Joe Newman will still be working on a chain gang.
C.B. and S.T. will still be looking for the "cowboy" in the big green truck.
Tabbatha will still have a new boyfriend every 2 or 3 weeks.
T.C., C.B., and M.B. will still be waiting for the "Christmas Light Massacre!"
Renee Taylor and Jeff Fortenberry will be married, have 2 kids and be living happily ever after (finally!)
Rance Hockaday will still be saying "Mama I am through."
Joe N. will still be saying "swing by and pick me up."
Jennifer R. will still be remembering those special nights with her "summer love" and wishing she could relive them all over again.
Karen, Alisa, Cindy, and Jennifer will still be having "matters of the heart!"

Twenty Years From Now...
Dawn Stevenson will be fighting Mike Tyson for Heavy Weight Championship.
Angeleque will still be wearing those bright yellow boots.
David Linseisen will still be cooking on thse French fries.
Jimmy Cameron will have 1,000 last names.
Chad E. still won't be able to drive.
Kevin D. still won't be able to mud.
Susan Reynolds will still be saying "I'm serious".
I will be married to Marti and we will have two kids and a 6 digit bank account.
Sharon will be looking for her car, and her car will still be looking for her.
Sharon will still be giving her phone number out, driving too close to cars, driving on the wrong side of the road, saying "it's a one piece", a bartender, taking baskets, getting everyone off her cloud, up at 6:48, and driving my truck into brick walls.
Anthony Beard will still be riding his lawnmower to college.
Kenneth Haley will be in the Pros.
Anthony Beard will still be folding up his ear.
Jim Richey will still be asking Jerry Sadler, "When are we going to watch the tape, dude".
Rocky Jones and Aurthor Williams will be tackling chickens at Pilgrims.
Reginald Lewis will still be walking around thinking that he is big trying to make girls talk to him.
Troy Peacock will still be "Wright".
Mr. Cheshier will be completely bald.
The bridge will have 2 inches of yellow paint.
Steen Hall at SFA will still have stained matresses and leaking sinks.
Jimmy Cameron's last name will have more words than a dictionary.
Sharon and Francine will still be going to Pittsburg Primary School and Pittsburg Medical Center to "relive" old memories.

Twenty Years From Now...
Francine will finally get a red baron pizza, my white pants, a basket, a brick wall, a "new" Texaco card, a little "o", a fake I.D., an extra set of keys to her truck, a couch-bump, mypicture on her driver's license, Fred, some H2O, and last but not least the big, red Dually.
Tiger Talk will still be done on Deadline Day.
Seniors will still be trying to read past page 20 in Pride and Prejudice.
Mr. Goodson's head will still be turning bright red, and he will still be telling the percussion section to play quieter.
Eric W. and Rance H. will still be expecting to see Erica Mc. in the form of a bat of course, flying outside their windows.
Bettie will still want more candy bars and lollipops.
Rance and Ant will still play basketball in Herald Logan's mailbox.
Ant will have a fleet of lawn mowers and will be the president of JB Hotlinks.
Shannon Hughes will still be acting goofy.
Bud Barnes will be bossier than ever.
George O'Neal will still be going aaahhh.
I, Kee Kee Taylor, will have all the money and women in the world.
David L., Mickey B., James N., and Johnny R. will still be the horsemen.
Roy J. will figure out they invented a razor.
Allison Woods will still be as gorgeous as she is now.
Greg Purvis will still think that he is "IT" and will still be wrong!
Michele Randall will still be teaching the facts of life with stick people.
The guys in Mrs. Hudson's second period English class will still be male chauvinist pigs and loving it.
Coach Cluley will still be saying, "take that step, and dream that dream" after each practice.
"One-L" Michele will still be telling Martha and Angel about the rock and the worm.
Leigh Maloney will still be smashing things in the door. Remember Leigh?
Stacey Steen will still be getting caught in the Winfield traffic jam.

Twenty Years From Now...
The "Wild Pair" will still remember the times of ding-dongs, sociopaths, button eyes, family affairs and all the "new Experiences" that make life wonderful.
I will still be recovering from my freshman class with Mrs. Parrish.
Andrea Crump will still be saying to Jim Richey, "Have you talked to anyone lately?"
Michelle Mosely will be married to Tony Rymes and living in Hawaii in a straw hut.
Carlonda Cunningham will be married to Emorick Jacobs and living in Africa with seventy-five chillins.
Amy will be married to Jerry Don and have 10 kids.
Michele will still be looking for "mountain cows"!
Leslie Merryman will still be doing hit-and-runs.
Cindy Hess will be married to Clint Stephenson and they'll have their own 2 lambs.
Alisa Dismuke will be worn out from working too much and her hair will always look good!
Pepsi still won't be "the real thing".
Krisan will still be the mascot of "Gina's Club"!
Donna N. will still be talking about her job at the "Cinema"!
Mandy T. will still be playing a nerd in all the skits.
T.J., J.B., and T.R. will still be kicking a pine cone down the hall while staying up to par!
Deanne Mitchell will still be 4'9".
Deann B. will still be in school.
Shandra and Allison will still be saying "We have so much in common!"
Shandra and David will still be hearing the words "What are ya'll doing?"
"Daddy will runa paint and bondo shop.
Pam M. will still be in Algebra I.

Twenty Years From Now...
Mt. Pleasant will be a metropolitan area and everybody will be coming back to meet again on the Dairy Queen parking lot.
Cynthia will still think Joyce is deaf.
Chris P. and Becca K. will still look cute together.
Colonel George O'Neal will be charging up San Juan Hill with, or course, his face shining bright red.
Clint Stephenson, Tuff Florey and friends will still be leaving for lunch and getting caught.
Mrs. Kirkham's eyes will still be bigger than her stomach. (We love you!)
Tonya Bryson will still have a hair doo like James Brown and called Ewok of the year.
Shannon Hughes will still have my Truly Tasteless Joke Book in his locker!
Mr. Capehart will have a camouflaged van with a radar gun so he can catch those "speed demons" that actually break the 15 MPH barrier.
Linda T. will still be saying "I'm sick like a dog."
Janna B. will still be wearing her mini skirts too short.
Tracey T. will still be married to Anthony T.
Everyone will still be trying to make it through Mr. Love's class.
Mr. Love will still be saying "I toLLLD you!"
Brian Lawson will still be working the lobby at McDonalds.
Nancy still will be thinking she has a hold on C.G. and D.C. and D.N. will be saying she don't.
Charles Hammons will be married and have five children all of them with attitudes.
LaSunya Atkins will own her own talk show called, "If you don't know it, I can tell you."
Holethia and Jim will still be together.
LaSunya will still be in everyone's buisness.

Twenty Years From Now...
Susan will still be trying to find the right hairdo.
Darel boyd will be the owner of J. TEX.
Kyle Hutchings will still be driving his old chevy truck.
Kristy Justiss and Dane Brown will still be together.
L.W., S.R., M.B., and K.J. will still be partying all night long.
Tonia and Penny will still be skipping everything they can.
Mr. A.B. Thomas will still do his John Wayne immitation everyday of the school year.
The Tee Tee Party of 88' will look backa t this and laugh.
Taffy will still be trying to drive a standard car, mine.
Joe Don will still be smiling.
Rick and Dawn will be married and hate each other at the same time.
People will still be imitating Mr. Love's voice.
People will still be leaning on the wall in Mrs. Hudson's room.
Basketball players over 6'4" will still run the basketball team.
Women will be chasing Bo to touch his so-called beautiful hair.
I will be happily married to Jerome McGary.
I will still know things about Karl that he does not want me to tell.
Eric Wright and Rance Hockaday will still be paranoid around people who are pale, wear black, and act like vampires.
Eric and Rance will still be seeing bats fluttering around outside their windows.
Michele will still be trying to get onto the ski lift without being run over.
Jim Richey will still think he is Tommy Lee.
Tony will still be trying to pronounce "hickey".
Heather will have a little girl with the same laugh.
Jeff and Rachel will still be singing "I'm a long tall Texan".

Twenty Years From Now...
Tyronne Savage will still be saying, "How do you like me now".
People will still be willing all their love to their mates and breaking up before the wills come out.
Jim Richey will still be trying to figure Chris Means out.
Cassandra Smith will be Miss Universe and have all the men at her feet.
Bo C. will still be thinking he's the best looking man at high school.
Kelvin Perry will be a member of the Fat Boys.
LaSunya Atkins will still be wearing someone else's hair.
Tonya Bryson will find the right hair color for her hair.



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