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MPHS Tigers Class of 1988 Mount Pleasant Texas
mt. pleasant tigers seniors 1988

Girls of 1988

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amy hammonds and jennifer - new orleans trip
vickie amos and amy hammonds - new orleans trip
in kirkhams class
tiger dolls new orleans tirp bourbon street
science hiking trip
science hiking trip mphs
mt. pleasant hiking tirp
mount pleasant hiking trip science class
tiger dolls new orleans tirp
dr fluff
ski trip
martha watkins

mphs tigers cheerleaders
cynthia hobbs, karen randall in the country
cynthia hobbs, rebecca karkoska
cynthia hobbs, rebecca karkoska graduation
stacy parrish, cynthia hobbs as bar maids

stacy parrish, cynthia hobbs, and catfish charlie

cynthia hobbs and toni ward - march 1988

cynthia hobbs and tammy whitaker
cythia hobbs and toni ward filing
cynthia hobbs and tonia mcdill
green girls
double trouble
karen randall and toni ward
linda young trio eating
karen morris homecoming queen for 1987
mphs freshman officers 1984
monica dixon heath
prom 1988
rebecca karkoska - broken leg
rebecca karkoska and linda young
lisa martin, angel clark, nicole castle, michelle randall
andrea crump, stacy parrish, jill wade
sivi hockaday
stacy parrish and cynthia hobbs
stacy taylor
tabatha capehart mphs tiger dolls spring show
toni ward, cynthia hobbs, rebecca karkoska
toni ward tiger newspaper
wendy harvey and heather bundick

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